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Teccops Computer Repair

Tucker Engineering

• Call 815-206-0596

• By appointment 7 days a week 9AM-9PM

• Drop off and on site services available

• Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin


Tucker Engineering

PO Box 383

Woodstock, IL 60098


We occasionally sell new and used equipment and other fun stuff on eBay and direct find out what’s available by visiting our store!

COPS = Computer Operation Performance Specialists.  That is a mouthful!  Simpy put we fix computers, but more than that we specialize in achieving maximum performance. TECCOPS Computer Repair offers computer consulting and engineering services to home & small businesses.  Located in Woodstock Illinois, we provide service to Northern Illinois & parts of Southern Wisconsin.

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REMOTE TECH SUPPORT is great for those times when meeting in person is not possible or just impractical. One of the applications we use for quick remote access is Teamviewer QuickSupport(QS) since it is quick to download and easy to setup even for novice computer users.  The small executable file is run by in a few simple clicks and allows you to watch the COPS in action, as we troubleshoot your computers issues.  

For the simple step by step instructions on downloading and setting up the remote connection see our tips page or just ask the TECCOPS agent to guide you through the process.

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Download Teamviewer QuickSupport

Visit our News, Tips and Tricks page to find useful downloads, helpful links, and tips to help you keep your computer running efficiently.   Take a peek at our latest posts on facebook.com and tweets on twitter.com and share them with your friends and business associates.  Being informed is the biggest defense against malware and other common computer issues.
Sometimes we are able to diagnose and repair issues remotely saving time and travel.  One of the programs we use is Teamviewer, see more info below.

TECCOPS provides computer repair and upgrade services including Virus & Spyware removal, File Recovery, Operating System Restoration, memory and other system upgrades, and basic maintenance.  Our goal is to provide top quality products and professional services while being a friendly approachable alternative to the often intimidating "geeky" hi-tech repair shops.

MALWARE REMOVAL is one of the common issues we battle and one of the tools we use in our fight is SuperAntiSpyware Pro (SAS). Besides removing adware and spyware infections after the fact, the professional version of SAS has real-time protection to help catch the bad guys before they get installed on your computer.

FEED A STARVING COP! Bribery may not get you far with an officer of the law, but the Cops at Teccops gladly accept a payoff! and what better way to payoff a cop then with a little extra donut money?

Seriously, if  you need to
make a payment or just wish to give a little something for a job well done, you can do so by clicking on the Buy A Cop A Donut button to the right or on our online store page!

PayPal.com is a fast secure way to pay online offering multiple options to pay with or without having a PayPal account. If you wish to sign-up for an account or just learn more, please visit the PayPal.com website by clicking the PayPal logo on the left.

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Professional and courteous service helps your technology experience be rewarding!

Whenever your computer slows down, crashes or has been invaded by malware, call the COPS at 815-206-0596.


TECCOPS Computer Repair is a division of Tucker Engineering offering computer repair services to small business and home computer users that do not have the resources or need full time technical support.

Our goal is to provide top quality products and professional services while being a friendly approachable alternative to the often intimidating "geeky" impersonal hi-tech repair shops.


HOW TO PAY It actually pretty easy to pay with PayPal with or without an account with their service!  All you’ll need to do is enter the desired dollar amount of your payment where it says ITEM PRICE and then login to your PayPal.com account OR click on DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT? where you will have the options to enter credit card information. As always, If you run into any problems CALL THE COPS!