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TECCOPS is a small business helping other small businesses and home computer users deal with the ever changing world of computer technology.  We fill the gap for those who do not have need for full -time IT support, yet desire the type of personal dedicated service provided by a loyal employee. For fun we also dabble in collectibles and supplies particularly the relaxing world of sports cards.

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TECCOPS Computer Repair provides computer repairs and related services in McHenry County and surrounding areas, as well as across the US by remote access.   Services include virus, spyware, and adware removal, new computer setup, software installation, file recovery, error diagnostics, troubleshooting non-booting systems and so on. We can restore to factory settings or perform a clean reinstall of the Operating System. We upgrade internal RAM memory, hard drives,  video, graphics, peripherals (printers, scanners, cameras) and perform basic maintenance like dust removal all helping get your computer running like new. Although, our main focus is Windows PC Repair (XP/Vista/7/8 etc) , we can help Macintosh users.  Contact us to configure your network and internet connections, share files, interact with mobile & other portable devices.  We offer basic tutoring to help you acclimate to a new computer or software application.

Our COPS fill the void for your small business or home computer use when you do not employ full-time technical support or  wish to tackle the issues yourself.  Let our COPS hammer out those gremlins that have been wreaking havoc on your machines!,  Our goal is to provide top quality products and professional services while being a friendly approachable alternative to the often intimidating "geeky" hi-tech repair shops.

In the event your computer is no longer of use to you, we will help you take the best course of action to save or transfer your personal files from your old machine and we can help you dispose of the equipment.  We gladly accept donations of old equipment either to be stripped for parts or recycled.

If your computer has been violated, Call the COPS at TECCOPS!

Besides selling cards and other goods on our site tuckscards.com, we offer all sorts of odds and ends, including occasional tech toys and components in our POC_USA eBay auctions!



Visit Tuck’s Cards our fun site at www.tuckscards.com  for storage boxes, sleeves, pages, display cases & other protection for sports cards, memorabilia, comic books, stamps, currency & coins and other collectibles.

TECCOPS Computer Repair was founded in 2004 when the owner of Tucker Engineering, Sean Tucker, coined the phrase Computer Operation Performance Specialists.  Sean has long had an interest in computer programming, system building and electronics.  He attended the University of Illinois-Chicago studying Math and Computer Science and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sean has been using computers at work and as a hobby since he purchased his first home computer, a TI-994/a in the early 1980’s, his used a variety of computers, including PC, UNIX, Macintosh, SUN and more during his college and professional career,  First using an IBM PC in the mid-1980’s. While studying at UW-Madison he encountered his first computer virus on the Apple Macintosh computers (yes they had viruses 20 years ago!), an experience that taught him early on to be wary of sharing files from other computer users.

Through out his working career, Sean’s employers utilized his experience with computers to supplement or replace internal IT support, as a side duty to CAD & Mechanical Design Engineering, Electronic Repairs, and other non-technical duties. After his last employer relocated, Sean decided to make Tucker Engineering a full-time venture focusing on CAD design and consulting initially, but eventually changing focus to computer repairs when TECCOPS was formed.

Working with computers also lead to interaction with online sales and auction sites and ultimately to supplying collectibles and supplies as Tuck’s Cards.  A fun side line to the brain strains of the technical world, Tuck’s Cards and POC_USA on eBay provide a fun outlet for Sean, allowing him additional opportunities to helping others continue to enjoy the fun things that interest them the most.