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Visit our POC_USA auctions on eBay.com or check out our direct offerings through our online store on TucksCards.com.  We occasionally have deals on new and used computers, components and accessories, sports cards and supplies for collectibles, storage and shipping boxes and much more.

Contact us if you don’t see what you need and we will list the item if we have it.  We can also invoice directly or through paypal.com.  Visit
Tuck’s Cards for more fun stuff!  If you need to make a payment see below.

Check our auctions as POC_USA on eBay.com for more sports cards, supplies for collecting, computer supplies and other odds and ends! We decided to close our eBay store but still sell through eBay auctions and direct through email and our web sites.

BASEBALL ONLY LOTS or MIXED SPORTS CARDS LOTS and occasionally other items can also be purchased conveniently through our store page on our other web site TucksCards.com!

PURCHASES made through our eBay store POC_USA above will be completed on eBay.com and payment will be made through paypal.com during checkout.

COMPUTER REPAIR SERVICES: If you need to make payment for computer repair services you may do so by clicking Buy A Cop A Donut to the right, clicking here or by contacting us to provide Credit Card info by phone or to mail a check.  Of course you can always pay us in person if more convenient.

PayPal.com is a fast secure way to pay online offering multiple options to pay with or without having a PayPal account. If you wish to sign-up for an account or just learn more, please visit the PayPal.com website by clicking the PayPal logo to the right.

Make A Payment

BRIBES, PAYOFFS, and SHHHH! Oops! Did I say that too loud?!  Oh well, its no secret, we’ve been know to accept free food and gratuity now and then.  After all the price of donuts is on the rise, so who are we to argue if you are in the giving mood and wish to send the COPS a little extra something?  Be advised, however, we do not recommend this practice with your local Police Officer!

HOW TO PAY It actually pretty easy to pay with PayPal with or without an account with their service!  All you’ll need to do is enter the desired dollar amount of your payment where it says ITEM PRICE and then login to your PayPal.com account OR click on DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT? where you will have the options to enter credit card information. As always, If you run into any problems CALL THE COPS!