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Your agent will guide you through initializing the remote connection by phone or text or even through facebook.cpm or email - whatever method is most convenient for you.

In most cases you will simply enter code provided by the Teccops TecSupport agent and follow the on screen prompts to get the session started on your end. Once started the TecSupport agent will be able to check over your computer remotely as if right in front of the machine.  In some instances other remote applications are needed if ScreenConnect is blocked or otherwise unable to run on your machine.  The TecSupport agent will advise you of other options when needed.

When the session is running you will see an icon on your taskbar near the clock with the familiar Teccops Star logo on red background.
You can communicate thru chat by double-clicking the Teccops icon on your taskbar.  Of course you may also talk to the agent again by phone.

Note during the session YOU always have control over your mouse pointer.  So please be sure not to bump the mouse (or press any keys) unless you need to take control over the computer during the session.  If for any reason you are not comfortable with the session you may end the session simply by right-clicking the Teccops star icon on your taskbar and choosing exit.