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A.K.A. Legal Mumbo Jumbo

In Short, our aim is to keep things fun and simple.  Legal stuff tends to make things MORE complicated and confusing, but just for formality some of the basics are mentioned below.  Generally speaking we want you to be pleased with your order and our services, so if something doesn't seem right please contact us.

 We reserve the right to modify these policies as we see fit for the enjoyment of all involved.  If you find something written here that doesn't make sense or contradicts something written on another one of our pages point it out.  We are not lawyers, we are human and do occasionally make mistakes IN SPITE of striving for perfection!  For your sake its just common sense to make sure you are comfortable who you are dealing with and know what’s included in the services offered or products sold.  So no matter who you are considering to do business with, if something just doesn't feel right, then ask questions first,  If after asking questions you do not get the answers to your satisfaction or something else still is not quite right, walk away - that will save you and the vendor a lot of grief in the long run.
Fair prices and top quality friendly service!

We aim to provide quality service at a reasonable price.   Although we try our best, it is impossible to please everyone.  If you have any questions before or after we do business with you feel free to contact us.

Website Links

We may share some links to websites outside of Teccops.com and although some may be part of our company or affiliates, like Tucker Engineering (tuckerengineering.com), TucksCards.com , and Teccops Computer Repair (teccops.com), many are not.  We have reseller agreements with some companies, like BCW Diversified and SUPERAntiSpyware, while others are mentioned for convenience or reference.  In some instances we do business through the other companies or use their services, for example facebook, ebay, paypal, microsoft, and many others. We are not part of their business nor are they part of ours.  We may suggest visiting some other sites.  Please do so at your own risk.  We are not necessarily affiliated or endorsed by these other sites and businesses nor do they endorse our site or business unless of course otherwise specifically mentioned.  So for example that means although we use Facebook.com and ebay.com and may have links to the pages we create on Facebook.com or eBay.com we are not affiliated in any way, shape or form with them and therefore the link does not mean they endorse us.  Any links created are intended to be in accordance with the guidelines posted on those websites.  As with any web page you should use caution particularly if personal information is needed to interact with the other sites.  Links to the other sites are made in good faith and any incidental or accidental harm done is purely coincidental and we will update our site if any errors are pointed out to us.